Sawipac’s Air Separator is an innovative compact pneumatic separation system for palm oil milling industry. The uniqueness of the two-phase separation system eliminates shell cyclone and kernel loss. The stability of the terminal air velocity of air separator gives precision control where desired result can be achieved easily. The operating principle of air separator is based on pneumatic air separation. Materials with different bulk density are fed into air separator where heavier and lighter materials are separated. There is no venting of air to the atmosphere for this enclosed re-circulating air system


      • Fibre / Nut Separation
        - Separates fibre and nuts from pressed cakes fed from the cake breaker conveyor.

      • Nut / Stone Separation
        - Separates nuts and stones from its mixture from polishing drum.

      • Cracked Mixture Separation
        - Separates light shells and whole kernels from cracked mixture.

Advantages & Benefits

      • Compact Design & Simpler Construction
        - A totally enclosed re-circulating air system.

      • Easy Installation
        - Installation is simple and can be easily installed with the existing system.

      • Improved Separation
        - Air terminal velocity has been utilized to its highest efficiency for good separation with precision control.

      • Saving of Building Space
        - Compact systems give substantial savingin area required.

      • Lower Capital Cost
        - Eliminates winnowing column, air ducting, external fan, air cyclone and big supporting steel structure.
           Less building area and less power required.

      • 30% Power Saving
      • Low Maintenance Cost
        - Maintenance is minimum and only occasional cleaning is required.

      • Automation
        - System can be upgraded to automated process with IT technology.



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Air Separator